Greg Janda
Mayor, City of Rocklin

Jill Gayaldo
Vice-Mayor, City of Rocklin

Diana Ruslin, Peter Hill, Jerry Mitchell, Ken Yorde, Connie Cullivan George Magnuson, Scott Yuill and Brett Storey
Former Rocklin Mayors

Mark and Claudia Diele
Rocklin Residents

Ron and Getty Dolinsek
Rocklin Residents

Greg and Kathy Turner
Rocklin Residents

Joe and Janis Wuelfing
Rocklin Residents


Gregg McKenzie, Brian Whitmore
Rocklin Planning Commission

Chris Anderson, Nancy Hartwell
Rocklin Parks, Recreation and Arts Commissioners

Joe Patterson, Bill Halldin,
Rocklin City 
Council Members

Bruce Houdesheldt
Roseville City 
Council Member

Rachelle Price
Rocklin School Board

Bonnie Gore
Placer County Supervisor

Robert Weygandt
Placer County Supervisor


Kevin Kiley
California Assemblyman

Paul Ruhkala, John Carter
Former Rocklin Parks, Recreation and Arts Commissioners

Todd Lowell
Rocklin Business Owner

Jim Holmes
Placer County Supervisor

Holly Woods-Andreatta, Paul Joiner
Lincoln Councilmembers

Rocklin Firefighters Local #3847

Rocklin Police Officers’ Association

Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce PAC

*Partial List